It all started in the late 40's when Maurice Kishinevsky Rosental decided to sell parts and bicycle parts. No more since it got some pieces and parts on consignment and started selling in the markets Persian. With much effort and hard work and achievement emerge and in 1950 managed to open a stall to sell parts and accessories in San Diego street number 1960. Back then it was because they were produced domestically banned imports of products that could be produced in the country. Any change in the early seventies when, after the difficult task of getting the dollars for travel, Mauricio traveled to Europe where he visited some countries to make representations of parts that were not produced in Chile. Including contrapedales Favorit and other specialty items.

With these unique and prosperous business since the mid-seventies opened international markets which facilitated the importation of a wide variety of parts and accessories and new sources, especially from India with brands like Amco, Metro and Eastman.

From then on we could say that forged a career in this field, with high and low but with a strong belief in getting ahead. As early as 1997 comes to business the eldest son, Daniel, and comes two years after Marcos. All this plus the constant support of Monica, his wife, made ​​the business was consolidated.

Today we can proudly say that after 60 years of experience MKR employs over 20 people, sells over 3000 products and generates business with countries like Taiwan, Japan, USA, China, India, Spain, Andorra, England, Thailand, Austria and Pakistan. Certainly a story that inspires us to continue working and improving every day.